Around the beginning of the twentieth century, most of the rivers and lakes of Mexico City
were transformed into roads, subway stations and public spaces.

Our documentary evokes
the intimate memory of this significant transformation.

This documentary delves into the experiences of four older people whose lives were marked by the rivers, lakes and canals of Mexico City, when water was much more present in the metropolitan area than it is today. This documentary seeks to narrate how we have lived and coexisted with water, through the eyes of those who have witnessed the profound transformations of a capital which slowly drained away its water and replaced it with layers of concrete. The multivocal narrative will map the fading memories of our characters, juxtaposing everyday stories of water depletion in Mexico City.


Our characters are older people who have grown next to a river, a canal, or a lake located in the city, or have a close relationship with these bodies of water. By revisiting places which were significant to our characters, we will ludically reconstruct their remembrances and evocate their anecdotes.


(94 years old) His parents migrated from the Port of Veracruz to settle in Mexico City, in the recently created Colonia Roma, located in front of the banks of the Rio de la Piedad, later converted into the tubed viaduct. There surrounded by aromatic eucalyptus trees she and her brother played throwing paper boats to the river that in the rainy season its channel overflowed, flooding and creating avalanches of mud that dragged everything in its path.


91 years old) Musician and fisherman of the ancient island of Peñón de los Baños, as a child he helps his father fish, hunt ducks and collect ahuautle in the lake of Texcoco, which, when dried, gave way to ejidos, then to colonies and the airport with its metallic birds. As a young man he used to play with his friends in the streams of rainy water that descended from Cerro del Peñon, where Metro Oceanía is located today. He is currently a spokesman for the traditions of the Peñón de los Baños Town


(83 years old) Healer, traditional cook and social activist for the conservation of corn and water, since she was a child she navigates through the channels of Xochimilco where she has undergone the transformation of chinampas into houses and soccer fields. Her gifts of healing and knowledge about the land she acquired from her grandfather, becoming today the spokesperson for her community, concerned about the loss of customs, so she participates in spaces sharing her experience.


(90) He was born in Rancho Lagunilla, Guanajuato, from where, at 20 years of age, due to water scarcity, he migrated to Mexico City, to settle in Chimalhuacan, as one of the first settlers of the dry Lake of Texcoco, witness of the growing urbanization that it does not respect borders, it tells how rainwater reclaims its land and floods several colonies. After several jobs, he knows the medicinal waters of the Rock where he works as a swimmer and masseuse.



To the mother of my grandmother Alma, my great-grandmother Clementina called her the Siren because she got very deep into nothing on the beaches of Veracruz ... But they left the sea and migrated to Mexico City, where Alma grew up on the banks of the River of Pieta being a witness of how the currents of its rainy waters went down a pipe and became streams of cars, to welcome the Piedad Viaduct.


Ignacio leaves his mountain in Rancho Lagunilla Guanajuanto, where the water was scarce, to look for a better life and to build a house in Mexico City, discover how to achieve ...


Facundo is a musician and hunter of the ancient island of Peñon de los Baños. He discovers through his gaze how it was the Texcoco Lake before becoming the Airport of Mexico City. 


In the Town of Axotlán, located in Cuautitlan Izcalli State of Mexico, its inhabitants "los raneros" are trying to rescue from the real estate developers, the lagoon that gives them identity as a community. 


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